Answers and Comments about Your SOPAA Implementation Questions

Although the SOPAA guidebook should assist with your implementation of this model and help to answer questions you have along the way, we recognize that educators will have questions and situations that will not be specifically addressed in the book. For this reason, the Helps Education Fund sponsors this website and discussion board as one method for responding to educators' implementation questions.

If you have an implementation question or situation that cannot be addressed with your SOPAA guidebook, please first review the list of topics that have already been discussed on the bottom of this page. If your question is not addressed within the discussion thread of your topic, please add your question to the thread and someone will respond to your question within 5-7 days. If you do not see the general topic of your question listed on this page, please contact us to pose your question, and this will be the start of a new discussion related to your topic.

Additional information about using this on-line discussion board:

  1. We want active participation. We encourage participants to not only pose questions, but to also review the topics listed on this page and provide comments about others’ questions or situations. In most cases, there is no “one correct answer” to address a question or concern that is related to initiating and sustaining school-wide change. Therefore, comments are welcome from all educators who are familiar with the SOPAA model.
  2. Please pose your questions and comments in a clear and professionally respectful way. All questions and comments will be evaluated by our team, and those that are not clear or professionally respectful will be removed from the discussion thread.
  3. Typically, only questions about SOPAA implementation and/or planning will be addressed. We recognize that the process of assisting all struggling learners brings about many complicated situations and questions for educators. For example, work with a particular student may raise questions about the most critical learning difficulty the student is experiencing, the best intervention program to use with the student, how to most validly evaluate the student’s response to intervention, and many others. While these are all very good topics for questions, we cannot address all questions related to assisting struggling learners. In particular, under most circumstances, we will not be able to answer questions about specific student cases. Likewise, we will typically not be able to address questions about strengths and weaknesses of specific intervention programs or assessment methods. In short, we encourage all questions, but for legal, ethical, and practical purposes there are some questions we cannot address through this discussion board. Our goal will be to respond to (and facilitate discussion about) all questions related to SOPAA implementation.
  4. Comments within the discussion board are considered professional opinions. As educators, we all aim to provide sound practice and advice that is based on research evidence and professional experience, but not all advice will be applicable or helpful to all educators (depending, of course, on each educator’s specific situation). As such, all information on this website and within the discussion threads should be considered professional opinion, and not understood as legally binding advice or direction. No participants of the discussion thread can be held legally liable or responsible for their comments and suggestions.
  5. Consider who is providing the comments and suggestions. For each discussion thread, we encourage active participation from all educators who are familiar with the SOPAA guidebook and SOPAA implementation. We suspect that all educators will have valuable comments and questions throughout the discussions. However, in an effort to help educators even further, we will specify next to each commenter’s name when that person is considered a validated SOPAA consultant. If you are not considered a SOPAA consultant, we still highly encourage your comments, questions, and overall involvement within the discussion threads! It may also help at the start of your comment or suggestion to provide a one or two sentence description of your experiences with the SOPAA. Also, if you have considerable experience using the SOPAA guidebook, please consider contacting us to become a validated SOPAA consultant—and learn more about being a consultant by clicking here. There is no cost to becoming a validated consultant, and having you as part of our consultation team will be helpful to many educators and our efforts to support educators!

SOPAA Topics and Questions that Have Been Previously Discussed

Because the SOPAA guidebook just became available in June 2012, we are still in the process of developing the SOPAA discussion board and receiving educators' questions. If you have an implementation question or situation, please just contact us with your question. This discussion board should be available by fall 2012.