Workshops and On-Site Support

As one of its projects, the Helps Education Fund aims to strengthen effective and efficient approaches to assisting struggling learners by offering free or very low-cost support to educators using the SOPAA model. This is achieved in three primary ways:

  • Through this website
  • Workshops and presentations
  • On-site support within a school or school district

The SOPAA website

This website and in particular the various features described within the Support for SOPAA Facilitators pages, we offer free web-based SOPAA implementation support.

Workshops and presentations

SOPAA workshops and professional presentations are available to support educators who are implementing or preparing to implement features of the SOPAA model. Workshops are sometimes offered at state, national, and international education conferences, as well as for individual schools, districts, and regions. Whenever possible, workshops are offered for free or at low costs. If you would like more information about how to attend a SOPAA workshop, please contact us.

On-site support within a school or school district

Sometimes SOPAA implementation support will be most beneficial when a validated SOPAA consultant/trainer spends one or more days within the particular school or district that is implementing the model. In this way, more individualized problem solving and assistance can be provided to ensure successful SOPAA implementation and/or planning.

For this reason, the Helps Education Fund offers free or low cost on-site implementation support. Because one mission of the Helps Education Fund is to offer relatively more support for the highest need schools, free on-site support is generally reserved for schools that serve a high percentage of students receiving free- or reduced-price lunch and/or a high percentage of students who fail to meet state standards in reading or math. However, the Helps Education Fund aims to support all schools and educators. Therefore, all schools are eligible for low-cost support, and those that are not "high-need" schools may still be considered for free on-site support.

To learn more about what occurs during SOPAA on-site support, how to apply for free on-site support, and/or how to schedule this type of support, please contact us.